Community Director

Company Name:
Multifamily Insiders
Perform functions to plan, execute, and manage, the marketing, financial, and administrative operations and physical assets of assigned tax credit apartment community, working within the limits of established policy.
1. Responsible for all aspects of leasing and marketing to prospective residents.
2. Interview, recommend hire, and train administrative, leasing, and maintenance staff. Delegate, define, schedule, and assign. Monitor work quality and assist to resolve operating problems. Counsel and coach employees, establish standards of performance and appraise performance. Provide technical, managerial, and performance guidance. Interpret company rules and regulations, and clarify policy, maintain discipline, handle employee grievances, and maintain harmonious employee relations.
3. Establish and communicate marketing, leasing, maintenance, and program goals and develop strategies for team accomplishment of property business plan.
4. Develop financial budgets and forecasts relating to revenues and operating expenses and set occupancy goals based on historical records and competitive markets. Recommend capital improvements to achieve asset value goals and market share.
5. Ensure that property maintains consistently appealing appearance. Routinely walk the property and determine and communicate elements that require attention to meet expected safety, security, and aesthetic standards. Monitor maintenance activity to ensure that units are ready for occupancy in keeping with schedules and inventory requirements. Plan and implement maintenance programs through subordinate supervision to maintain the value of property assets and to ensure the safety and security of residents and staff.
6. Manage financial and administrative operations in keeping with budget limits and policy requirements. Collect and account for rent payments, enter transactions and track financials through computer system. Implement strategies to minimize past due accounts and manage collections in keeping with policy. Ensure that ancillary income audits are complete and accurate, review results and ensure that revenue generation is consistent with service provided. Identify local contractors, establish service requirements, negotiate contracts and monitor results. Review, code, and authorize payment of invoices for local operating expenses and maintain compliance with defined budget levels. Ensure that financial records are accurate and current. Review periodic budget results and report on variances.
7. Manage marketing and leasing activities, establish and communicate objectives, and initiate measures to ensure achievement of budgeted occupancy expectations.
Determine and authorize modifications in incentives as required to maximize revenue and meet occupancy and financial goals.
8. Represent the organization to residents, prospective residents, staff, and the community. Develop, communicate, execute, and engage staff in resident services, programs, and activities consistent with financing provisions, to enhance the value of the product for residents, and to increase retention and occupancy. Ensure that residents' concerns and service requirements are resolved to with urgency, quality, and service consistent with policy and performance expectation.
9. Monitor and control adherence to leasing, certification and recertification policies and procedures to ensure compliance with tax credit and/or financing requirements for specific property. Ensure that records and files are complete, accurate, documented, and properly retained.
10. Prepare and submit any range of required notifications and reports to residents, corporate office, and regulatory agencies in keeping with requirements. Respond to audit points and implement measures to correct discrepancies as required.
Thorough knowledge of a specialized, such as business administration, real estate, finance, tax credit leasing requirements, and property management. Broad specialized training equivalent to 2 years of college.
Over five and up to seven years of experience in the property management field with property leasing and resident services experience required.

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